The technology of glass reactor industry still needs continuous innovation

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In the decades of development, the glass reactor industry has experienced a growth process from scratch and from small to large. Although the reactor equipment industry in China started late, relying on the rapid development of China's machinery industry, the market demand of the reactor equipment industry is increasing day by day.


Reactor equipment is mainly applicable to petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, pesticides, dyes, medicine, food and other industries. Common reactor equipment, such as titanium reactor, laboratory reactor, stainless steel reactor, magnetic reactor and other equipment, can be produced in China to meet the market supply, and some newer technologies have also been developed and studied.

At present, the reactor equipment in China has a high market share in the domestic market, but the competition is also quite fierce. Its focus is mainly on technical level, product quality, price and after-sales service. At present, the supply of reactor equipment in China is sufficient, but it is difficult to compete with foreign countries. The main reason is the lack of core technology. Due to the gap between the production technology of reactor equipment in China and foreign countries, the scale of domestic enterprises is relatively small, and the industrial concentration is not high.

The backward technology makes the field of reactor equipment in China face a development dilemma. Due to the small scale and application, there is not enough large-scale application. On the one hand, the survival space of enterprises is affected under the fierce domestic competition, on the other hand, there is no advantage in the world, and there is no lack of competitiveness compared with the products of foreign enterprises.

In the next few years, the demand for reactor equipment in China will further increase. This requires enterprises to constantly innovate technology and produce products that meet market demand.