Which brand is better, glass reactor or low-temperature coolant circulating pump?

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1、 Function introduction of dlsb series low temperature coolant circulating pump:

Dlsb series low-temperature coolant circulating pump is a low-temperature constant temperature liquid circulating equipment produced by our company on the basis of actively absorbing the advanced technology of Germany and Japan in combination with the scientific research and production actual situation of China's laboratory, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries; It has the functions of providing low-temperature constant temperature liquid bath, low-temperature constant temperature condensation cooling, low-temperature constant temperature storage, and establishing a second low-temperature constant temperature field. It is a necessary instrument for medicine, chemical industry, scientific research and testing.

2、 Dlsb series low temperature coolant circulating pump features:

Air cooled (imported) totally enclosed compressor unit with reliable quality;

Special relays, protectors, capacitors, etc. for refrigeration units are high-quality devices with quality assurance;

Digital display temperature control, simple operation, eye-catching;

It can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, chemical reactor, freeze-drying equipment, biopharmaceutical reactor, etc.);

The refrigerating capacity is large and the refrigerating speed is fast, which greatly improves the working efficiency;

It can effectively protect the normal use of various precision equipment and instruments under the environment of lack of water source, poor water quality, water pressure and temperature, and high-temperature working conditions;

The flow of the circulating pump of this machine can be adjusted and customized, which greatly meets the actual needs of different users;

All models of this machine can be reasonably matched between low temperature and refrigerating capacity, low temperature and capacity according to user requirements

3、 Usage of low temperature coolant circulating pump:

1. Prepare

(1) Connect the inlet / outlet of the equipment with the outlet / inlet of the experimental equipment with the insulating hose. (insulation hose is an accessory of the equipment)

(2) Open the insulation cover and add water or other media from the water tank. The liquid needs to cover the evaporator

(3) Power on

1) Make sure the safety switch is off before connecting the power supply.

2) Insert the power connector into a special socket, and the socket must have a reliable grounding wire

2. Operation

(1) Turn on the leakage protection switch and power switch.

(2) Set the desired temperature

(3) Turn on the refrigeration switch

(4) Turn on the cycle switch

After the temperature reaches the set temperature, the circulation switch can be turned on to provide external coolant.

(5) Turn on the mixing switch

In the experiment, if stirring is needed, first put the magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the liquid storage tank or put the magnetic stirrer into the flask, and then put the flask into the liquid storage tank (the distance between the bottom of the flask and the bottom of the liquid storage tank should be within 25mm), press the stirring switch, the corresponding indicator light will be on, and adjust the speed regulating knob clockwise to reach the speed required by the user.

3. After use

(1) First turn off the equipment to be cooled, then turn off the circulating pump switch, mixing switch, refrigerator switch and power switch in turn, and finally pull down the safety switch and unplug the power plug.

(2) If it is not used for a long time, please drain the coolant and rinse it with clean water.

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