Q & A on selection and purchase of rotary evaporator

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Q & A on the selection of rotary evaporator (rotary evaporator):


1. Q: what is the working principle of the rotary evaporator?

A: under negative pressure, the evaporation bottle rotates in the constant temperature water bath, and the solution forms a film on the bottle wall to increase the evaporation area. Efficient evaporation at low temperature, condensation recovery, concentration and separation of materials.

2. Q: what is the core technology of rotary evaporator?

Answer: it is the air tightness of the system, that is, whether the system can maintain a high vacuum under the erosion of various solvents and in the moving state. R-Series rotary evaporator, sealed with Teflon material and glass, can withstand various solvents, has durable and reliable air tightness, and can maintain a high vacuum of more than -0.098mpa.

3. Q: what are the main factors affecting the efficiency of rotary evaporator?

A: for machines of the same specification, they mainly include: steam temperature, vacuum degree and cooling water temperature. Restricted by the heat resistance of some materials, it is impossible to increase the steam temperature infinitely during operation, so high vacuum and low cooling water temperature are the two main factors to improve efficiency (low temperature coolant circulating pump can be selected to reduce the water temperature. Our company can support various types of low temperature pumps).

4. Q: what is the difference between a vertical condenser and an inclined condenser?

Answer: there is no obvious difference in essence. Vertical condensers are becoming popular due to their small space. Large capacity evaporators generally use vertical condensers.

5. Q: what is the basis for the lifting design of the main machine and the water bath pot?

Answer: Based on the principles of convenience, safety and economy, generally small machines (below 5L) in the world lift the host, lift the water bath pot humidity sensor probe above 5L, stainless steel electric heating tube, PT100 sensor, fluid solenoid valve, cast aluminum heater, heating ring.

6. Q: how about the explosion-proof performance of R series evaporator?

Answer: the rotary evaporator produced by our company adopts AC motor, stepless speed regulation (or variable frequency speed regulation), no brush, and no spark during operation. The matching water bath control adopts nitrogen filled sealed relay, silicon controlled contactless switch and vacuum switch respectively. The manual control switch adopts secondary circuit control, and the control current is less than 3mA, which has good explosion-proof characteristics. At the same time, we are equipped with explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof electric control, explosion-proof circuit, explosion-proof electric heater, which is safe and reliable, so that you have no worries at home during the experiment.

7. Q: how to choose various types of rotary evaporator?

A: in terms of structure, all types of RE series rotary evaporators produced by our factory have good corrosion resistance and sealing performance. 2L, 3l, 5L machines are suitable for laboratory and small sample tests; 5L, 10L and 20L are suitable for pilot test; 20L and 50L are suitable for pilot test and production, especially for the extraction of materials that need to avoid metal ion pollution.

8. Q: how does the rotary evaporator compare with other types of evaporators?

A: its main advantages are small structure, compact and efficient, intuitive work, and no metal ion pollution. It is suitable for laboratory, pilot production and extraction of precious materials Its sealing performance is comparable to that of foreign machines.

9. Q: how to choose vacuum pump for rotary evaporator?

A: we recommend the circulating water vacuum pump, which has the advantage of resisting the corrosion of various solvents and can be vacuumed to -0.098mpa (to meet the use requirements). Vacuum pumps can be selected according to the volume of the evaporator. Our factory can supply various types of vacuum pumps.