Shanghai Yaote instrument guide on epidemic prevention in winter

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☑ Reserve epidemic prevention materials such as thermometers, masks and disinfection supplies.

☑ Take the initiative to monitor the health of family members, and it is recommended to measure their temperature in the morning and evening.

☑ The family environment is mainly clean, supplemented by preventive disinfection, and indoor garbage is cleaned in time.

☑ Keep indoor ventilation. When the indoor temperature is appropriate, try to open windows for ventilation. Family members do not share towels, clothes and quilts, etc. they often wash and dry them.

☑ Strengthen nutrition, eat scientifically, exercise moderately, ensure sleep, maintain a good attitude, and improve body immunity.

☑ Pay attention to personal hygiene habits and do not spit everywhere. Cover with paper towels or elbows when sneezing or coughing, and put the used paper towels into the covered garbage can.

☑ Do hand hygiene in time. When returning from outdoors, after coughing and covering your hands, before and after meals, and before cooking or preparing food, you should wash your hands with hand sanitizer (or soap), or rub your hands with quick drying hand disinfectant.


☑ Try to walk, ride, drive a private car, etc. on the way to the workplace, and take personal protection when taking public transportation.

☑ Keep a safe distance in the workplace, and wear a mask when in close contact with visitors.

☑ When dining in the canteen of the unit, try to eat at the wrong peak and at the wrong time, reduce hall meals, and try not to communicate closely during meals. Encourage to bring your own tableware and clean it well.

☑ Reduce direct contact between staff, encourage paperless office, wash hands in time after touching public facilities or other people's items, or rub hands with hand sanitizer.

☑ Reduce the frequency of meetings, shorten the meeting time, and adopt network video conferencing and other methods. When the temperature is appropriate during the meeting, the window or door should be opened. It is recommended to wear masks during the whole process when there are dense personnel and personnel from other units participate in the meeting.

☑ Pay attention to rest during work, and promote simple fitness methods such as aerobics.

Public transportation

☑ Prepare masks, disinfected wet paper towels or hand sanitizers before taking public transport.

☑ When taking public transport such as buses and subways, you should wear masks throughout the journey. Reduce contact with others. Cover with paper towels or elbows when sneezing or coughing.

☑ Pay attention to hand hygiene, reduce unnecessary touch, and avoid touching the mouth, eyes, and nose with unclean hands. Don't eat or drink on public transport.

☑ When waiting at the outdoor bus stop, if there are few people, do not wear masks and keep a safe distance; Wear masks when you are on an indoor bus (subway) platform during rush hours.

☑ Passengers and drivers should wear masks during the whole journey of taxis and online car hailing, and open windows frequently for ventilation when natural temperature, driving speed and other conditions permit.

☑ Before riding a shared bike, it is recommended to wipe the handlebars and cushions with sterile wet paper towels, but do not wear a mask.

☑ Try to use non-contact ticket purchase and payment methods such as online ticket purchase and code scanning payment.

☑ After taking public transport, take off the mask, disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer or alcohol free hand sanitizer, and put your clothes outside in a ventilated place.

Entertainment and shopping places

☑ When you go to supermarkets, shopping malls and farmers' markets, you should try to avoid the peak passenger flow, and prepare masks, disinfected wet paper towels or disposable hand sanitizers.

☑ Try to use the means of transportation such as walking, riding, driving private cars, etc., and take personal protection when taking public transport.

☑ Try to choose stair walking. If you go to a place with a high floor for shopping, give priority to using the escalator, and keep a distance from the front and back people when taking the escalator. When taking the van elevator, avoid too many and too dense people with the elevator.

☑ Wear a mask throughout the process, do good hand hygiene in time, and cover with paper towels or elbows and arms when sneezing or coughing.

☑ Keep a certain distance from others when purchasing goods, and try to shorten the queuing and shopping time. Try to use non-contact payment methods such as code scanning payment.

☑ When purchasing frozen food, avoid touching frozen food and its packaging directly. After buying frozen food home, 75% alcohol can be used to disinfect the frozen food and the packaging surface. Before storing such items, do a good job of independent closed packaging. Wash hands and disinfect immediately after contacting and handling frozen food.

☑ Do a good job in food processing, carefully clean and prevent splashing before processing, cook the food thoroughly, ensure the separation of raw and cooked food during processing and storage, clean and disinfect the tabletop kitchenware after cooking and processing, and avoid touching the mouth, eyes and nose with unclean hands during food processing.