Warmly celebrate the launch, operation and promotion of the new website of Shanghai Yaote instrument

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Shanghai glass reactor manufacturer Yaote instrument website ( was revised and launched; On July 29, 2020, song Yuanhang, the general manager of the company, started Shanghai Yaote Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., which is a sales-oriented enterprise mainly selling rotary evaporators, glass reactors and other instrument products; After three years of development, the company's business expanded on July 15, 2008. The company was renamed Shanghai Yaote Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. and the word "equipment" was added to the original company name. Due to the rapid development, it was found that the products sold could not meet the market needs. Under the decision of the company's leaders, a series of reforms have been carried out to increase the R & D and production of products; At this time, Shanghai Yaote company really grew into a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with the integration of R & D, production and sales.
After various research and development and continuous technical accumulation, the company has made great progress in the fields of chemistry, chemical industry, biology, pharmacy, polymer engineering and so on. It has researched, developed and manufactured single-layer glass reactor, double-layer glass reactor, three-layer glass reactor, rotary evaporator (instrument), low-temperature coolant circulating pump, low-temperature constant temperature reaction bath, high-temperature circulating oil tank, closed high-temperature and low-temperature circulating device There are more than ten series and more than 100 models of experimental instruments and equipment, such as heat collecting magnetic stirrer, circulating water vacuum pump, water bath pot, electric stirrer, etc. It plays an exemplary role as an industry leader in Shanghai glass reactor production enterprises, glass reactor manufacturers and glass reactor sales companies.