Congratulations on the cooperation between Shanghai Yaote Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. and the University of London

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In November 2014, Yaote instrument successfully signed a contract with the University of London glass reactor project! Yaote's leadership attached great importance to the glass reactor project. At the initial stage of the project, the company sent project team personnel to the customer's site. After field investigation and communication with the customer's leadership, the company provided the customer with a perfect solution for the glass reactor, which was deeply recognized by users. On that day, the company reached an intention of cooperation with Yaote.

Our company is located in Shanghai, an important manufacturing base of glass reactors in China and a pilot city of national scientific and technological innovation. The "Yaote" brand glass reactors produced by our factory are produced by international and domestic famous manufacturers. They have the characteristics of stable quality, excellent performance and high efficiency, and are highly praised by the majority of users.



The company strives for survival with quality and development with science and technology. With the people-oriented spirit and the goal of building an international supreme brand, the company makes every effort to enter the field of glass reaction kettle.

In today's strong glass reactor enterprises, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the situation is extremely severe. Yaote people will take a high starting point, large-scale production mode, combined with modern enterprise management philosophy, make use of scientific and technological innovation, keep improving, never satisfied, and constantly create more and more types of products that meet the needs of chemical industry, scientific research, and enterprises!

In line with the business philosophy of "integrity casts brand quality and expands the market", we sincerely and wholeheartedly serve our customers. People from all walks of life are welcome to call or write for inquiry, patronage and negotiation.

The University of London, located in London, the capital of the UK, is a university administrative system composed of more than a dozen universities and research institutions in London. It is the most influential public university Commonwealth in the world, also known as the "Federal University".

The University of London was founded in 1836 in accordance with the Royal Charter. At first, it was a degree awarding and examination committee, which specially awarded degrees to students from University College London, King's College London and other "unincorporated institutions established for educational purposes". As of October 2019, the University of London has 18 member institutions and 2million alumni, including 12 monarchs or royal family members, 52 presidents or prime ministers, 84 Nobel laureates, 3 Olympic gold medalists and the "father of the nation" of several countries. Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, is currently the supervisor of the University of London and various institutions.