Yaote instrument and Hong Kong University of science and technology jointly ordered hydrothermal synthesis reactor

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The Hong Kong University of science and technology, referred to as HKUST for short, is an important member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the global university presidents' forum, the East Asian Research University Association, the Asian University Alliance, and the Chinese University Presidents' Association. It has been double certified by AACSB and EQUIS. It is a research university. The school focuses on science and technology and business management, and pays equal attention to humanities and Social Sciences, especially business and engineering.11

Hydrothermal synthesis reactor 

The models of existing hydrothermal synthesis reactors: 5ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml, 1000m, safety temperature 200 ℃, maximum pressure 3Mpa. Special models can be customized. The hydrothermal synthesis reactor is made of high-quality non-magnetic 0Cr18Ni9Ti Stainless steel, with PTFE lining inside, double-layer care, acid and alkali resistance.

Hydrothermal synthesis reactor has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, simple operation and good corrosion resistance. It is an ideal product for sample digestion in university laboratories, environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, quality supervision and other scientific research fields. The working pressure of the hydrothermal synthesis reactor does not exceed 3Mpa. Different heating temperatures and pressures can be determined according to the technical indicators of different samples.

Hydrothermal synthesis reactor is a digestion tank used in the electric blast drying oven, also known as high-pressure digestion tank, hydrothermal synthesis tank, sample dissolver, pressure bomb dissolver, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, digestion tank, polytetrafluoroethylene high-pressure tank. It uses the strong acid or alkali in the tank and the closed environment of high temperature and high pressure to achieve the purpose of rapid digestion of insoluble substances. It is generally used in catalysis, crystal, polymer and other experiments, It is the right-hand man to digest samples when determining trace elements and trace elements. Sample pretreatment digestion of heavy metals, agricultural residues, food, sludge, rare earth, aquatic products, organic matter, etc