Proposal of the two sessions -- focus on supporting the scientific research instrument industry

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On March 3, an excerpt of the central proposal of the Taiwan Federation of the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress was announced, including a proposal on key support for major scientific research instrument industries, which is summarized as follows:

At present, from the most common optical microscope to the cryomicroscope with a price of more than 40 million yuan each, China is facing the lack of high-end core technology, relying on imports, and the risk of being "stuck". At present, there are the following problems in the development of the scientific research instrument industry in China. The funding of national scientific research projects is limited, which is difficult to support the effective large-scale development of the scientific research instrument industry; The upstream and downstream of the scientific research instrument and equipment industry are disconnected, and there is a lack of internationally competitive enterprises; Talents in related industries face many challenges, and lack social awareness of the importance and risks of the industry.


To this end, suggestions: first, it is suggested that the National Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of science and technology can increase funding and increase the investment in "national major scientific research instrument development projects" and "major scientific instrument and equipment development projects".

Second, encourage enterprises deeply engaged in the scientific research instrument industry to actively innovate and explore the development of the combination of industry, University and research. It is suggested that the relevant management departments entrust industry associations or third-party institutions to comprehensively investigate the development of the scientific research instrument and equipment industry and the current situation of the whole industry chain, learn from foreign successful experience, put forward guiding opinions for connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry, and assist and promote government departments to carry out industrial strategic planning and formulate supporting policies.

Third, we should optimize relevant talent support policies and intensify targeted publicity. In terms of talent promotion and screening, we should remove the "thesis only theory" and actively affirm and actively support scientific researchers engaged in the research and development of scientific research instruments. It is suggested to publicize the importance and strategic position of popularizing the development of scientific research instruments and equipment to colleges and universities or relevant enterprises, institutions and research institutes, guide them to give priority to the use of domestic equipment, and gradually reverse the situation of purchasing a large number of foreign scientific research instruments.