What is the specific ex factory price of the glass reactor produced by Shanghai Yaote

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Shanghai Yaote instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of glass reactors, multi-functional reactors, rotary evaporators, low-temperature constant temperature reaction baths, low-temperature coolant circulation pumps, high and low temperature all-in-one machines, circulating water vacuum pumps, magnetic agitators, glass air dryers, UV analyzers, hydrothermal synthesis reactors and other conventional laboratory instruments.


The specific ex factory price of the glass reaction kettle produced by the company is: 100l/28000 yuan, 80l/22000, 50l/18500, 30l/15500, 20l/12000, 10l/10000, 5l/8500

The double-layer glass reaction kettle can realize the multi-purpose of one machine in the experiment and meet the various needs of different experiments. The double-layer glass reaction kettle can carry out: vacuum stirring reaction, high temperature (the maximum temperature can reach 315 ℃), low temperature reaction (the minimum temperature can reach - 80 ℃), constant speed operation, mixing reaction, distillation, reflux, concentration reaction, negative pressure operation, liquid separation function, and can be rectified by assembling the rectification column, It can be assembled into a glass reactor production line according to specific requirements. Double glass reaction kettle can be customized for non-standard processing according to different requirements of customers, with unique design, safety and convenience.

The working principle of the double-layer glass reactor is: through the interlayer of the double-layer reactor, inject constant temperature (high or low temperature) hot solution or coolant, heat or cool the materials in the reactor at constant temperature, and provide stirring. This equipment can carry out vacuum stirring reaction, distillation and concentration reaction, separation and extraction, and heating reaction experiment. Tap water can be introduced into the jacket to take away the reaction heat. The materials react in the reactor, and the evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution can be controlled. After the reaction, the materials can be discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the boiler, which is very convenient to operate. It is an ideal equipment for modern chemical small sample, medium sample experiment, biopharmaceutical and new material synthesis.

Main features of double glass reaction kettle:

Double glass reaction kettle frequency conversion speed regulation, AC induction motor. Constant speed, no brush, no spark, safe and stable, can work continuously.

The whole set of glassware for double-layer glass reactor is made of GG17 high borosilicate glass, which has good chemical and physical properties.

The glass interlayer interface of double-layer glass reaction kettle can be heated by circulating heating oil, and can be reacted at low temperature by freezing liquid.

The double glass reaction kettle can react at room temperature, and the reaction heat can be quickly taken away when tap water is connected.

The discharge port of the double-layer glass reactor is equipped with a flange port and a polytetrafluoroethylene valve. There is no dead corner in the container, which can be disassembled for the discharge of solid materials.

Four port reactor cover, extra large port design for easy cleaning, standard port socket can be selected to assemble reflux, distillation and synthesis device.

Main technical parameters of double glass reactor:

Specification: 1L ~ 50L

Mixing power: 370W

Mixing speed: 0 ~ 1350pmin

Motor torque: 15000g cm

Overall size: 650 × four hundred and ten × 1100mm

Heating power: 5kW (220V)

Negative pressure: -0.096mpa