Franchise process

Shanghai Yaote Equipment Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of experimental instruments and equipment

Shanghai Yaote instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company specializing in R & D, production, sales, teaching and chemical and biopharmaceutical instruments. It mainly produces single and double-layer glass reaction kettle, rotary evaporation instrument, coolant circulating pump, high and low temperature circulating all-in-one machine, circulating water vacuum pump series, low-temperature reaction bath (tank), low-temperature coolant circulating pump, microwave reactor, heat collection magnetic stirrer, electric stirrer, water bath pot, ultrasonic cleaner, lifting table and other products. In addition, our company also acts as an agent for the products of some famous enterprises at home and abroad, in domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutions Well received and fully affirmed.

In order to speed up the development of the company, Yaote instrument has attracted investment from all over the country, and we sincerely invite you and your team to join us.

Agents can create their own brands (OEMs) through the products of Shanghai Yaote instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd., freely set product prices within the reference range of Yaote pricing, protect regions, independently process orders, share user data, and easily carry out real estate business.

Franchise support

Seize the new opportunities, and sincerely welcome colleagues and people of insight in the industry to call for inquiries and negotiations. We look forward to your visit and business cooperation

Regional agents

Solemnly declare:Our company will never set up two or more sales agencies in the same prefecture level city to ensure the uniqueness of our partners. For specific agency system and agency region, please call13761696931consulting service.